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Who says you can’t contribute to a heart centered global cause just by choosing Global  Senior Care for your home care needs?

Global  Senior Care is comprised of a team of change makers whose interest lies in the betterment of people’s lives here in Canada and globally. We have integrated corporate responsibility into our business strategies and have created an opportunity for you to contribute to a cause through the Care for the World Program just by choosing Global  Senior Care for your home care needs.

The Care for the World Program allows for us & you to connect with people in developing communities who are from a grassroots level, doing something sustainable to impact their local communities. We do so by designating a percentage of the company’s yearly revenue towards the Care for the World Program while working with community leaders to develop sustainable solutions for impoverished communities. These contributions ensure two things: each client contributes to a Global cause without any extra cost for our service and 100% of the proceeds go directly to well deserving causes without detracting any overhead or administrative costs.

The yearly contributions will be active in assisting low income seniors across the globe and supporting medical missions while giving special treatment to less fortunate senior citizens who cannot afford it.

Global  Senior  Care will provide regular progress reports through our website and partnering online platforms to ensure all our clients are updated on all our heart centered ventures and involved in this humanitarian love we are spreading throughout the globe.


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